​Professional Activities Veterans Affairs Clinician, APA VA Caucus AMA Governance Council, Senior Section Past President, Tulsa County Medical Society BOT, APA BOT, Oklahoma State Medical Association
Professional Income Full-time VAMC clinician Private Practice

​What do I offer? The world of medicine will be actively monitoring every action psychiatry takes now and in the future. As current Area 5 Trustee, I speak specifically for member interests, especially in the areas of diversity, scope and advocacy and the role of District Branches. We must set and implement an agenda focused on those with mental illness. My perspective is based on my geographic, gender, varied psychiatric practice experiences and employment experiences. I possess a solid understanding of how the BOT, Assembly, APA staff, DBs, Components, and Caucuses, combined with state and national partners, can and will continue to achieve change. Through past service, I have formed countless relationships with APA members across the country, a vital element in moving APA forward. I understand credentialing and have concerns about scope of practice and MOC, viewing these issues from a psychiatric and legal perspective, inclusive of minority and diverse viewpoints. As APA Assembly Speaker, I represented every Area and Component of the APA and as Area 5 Trustee will continue to provide leadership. Uniting our profession and moving forward with innovative ideas will yield improvements in our ability to serve and provide quality care. Having served on the BOT while Speaker and later as Area 5 Trustee,  I recognize the continuing need for improved communication, to members, about BOT activities. Proudly, I helped guide an action paper brought by the VA caucus into becoming the first piece of APA introduced federal legislation in many years. This VA Caucus activity demonstrated how an individual APA member has the ability to influence APA policy and create national legislation; this is evidence of my leadership capabilities. Your vote, as Area 5 Trustee, will allow me to continue to speak our voice.

Jenny Boyer, M.D., J.D., Ph.D.
Candidate for Area 5 Trustee

• Psychiatrist, Psychologist, Attorney 

• Current: Psychiatrist, West Texas VAMC

• Volunteer Faculty, Texas Tech University

• Private Practice

• Past Speaker APA Assembly, Board of Trustees (BOT), Area 5 Trustee

• Past: Faculty, Department of Psychiatry, University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center

• Past: Psychiatrist, Oklahoma Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services.